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Поздрав-изненада с Каба Гайди

Поздрав-изненада с Каба Гайди
Поздрав-изненада с Каба Гайди

The bagpipers from the ensemble "Gaidunitsa" will make the holiday unforgettable. With the Rhodope Kaba bagpipes and costumes you will experience a unique folklore experience. For weddings, birthdays and name days, for company parties, for bachelorette or bachelor parties or for the love of folklore.

You should know:

The advice that the musical greeting is suddenly the specificity of the Kaba Gaida, I recommend to provide a place to change clothes and build the instruments before the surprise greeting.

What is happening:

The congratulatory remains speechless! It's a great dance!

What else:

To the bagpipes we can add a Rhodopean singer with a brass voice or a drum, for an unforgettable life. In case we need to "announce" the village measure or the mountain from hill to hill, you can request up to 101 kaba gaidi /pipes/

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